Windproof boards

Windproof boards LTM Ventus

Windproof panels are ideal for balconies, indoor partitions and windproof membraine for insulation material protection. Low weight and thickness allow to use them on high-rise buildings.


LTM Ventus



Windproof panel Ventus differ from the usual facade panels with a thickness that allows to significantly reduce the weight of the panels and apply as for facing of the balconies and in combination with conventional panels on high-rise buildings for the enhancement of protective properties and construction of the ventilated facade. 

One of the features of the panels is a good noise insulation, which is especially important in high-rise buildings to absorb the noise generated by the wind. Panel Ventus not rot, have a high resistance to fungus, mold, acid precipitation. 


It is possible to use the panels Ventus as on high-rise buildings, so in the balcony and wall openings, for facing of the balconies, and, perhaps, the application for construction in the wind zones – mountains, coastal zones, etc., where possible a strong wind. The specific properties of the panels allow to apply them in different extreme conditions – as in the cold Northern climate, so hot and the seaside.


Panels be mounted both on steel and on the wooden frame. The panel being painted with polyurethane or acrylic paint in any color according to RAL, NCS and any other colors.



Dimensions  6x2700x1200 mm                       
Weight 9,0 kg/m2
Density  1500 kg/m3
Category В
Bending strength, 14 days,
dry (with/across grain)
30 / 18 МН/m2
Bending strength, 14 days,
wet (with/across grain)
15 / 12 МН/m2                             
Strength class 3
Soak-dry cycles              25
Freeze-Thaw cycles 25


On request it is also possible delivery of slabs, cut in accordance with a certain size.