Waterproof boards

Waterproof boards LTM Aqua

Waterproofing panel LTM Aqua is an excellent option for the internal finishing of the premises where high humidity is present. The panel does not require additional waterproofing and uses as an excellent basis under ceramic tile and decorative panels, providing reliable protection of the walls from a blot, fungi and mould.


LTM Aqua



Waterproof fibre cement panels Aqua intended for internal furnish of premises with high humidity, such as kitchens, swimming pools, bathrooms, showers, production shops, car washes, etc. The secret of the water resistance of boards lies in the technology of their production.  We use in the structure of the concrete panels the minimum amount of cellulose, which absorbs the water, and large part of mica, which improves the hydrophobic properties of the panels. Moisture panel Aqua extremely resistant to fungi, rotting, mould.


Waterproofing plates Aqua can be used as a basis, as for ceramic tiles, and designed for wet locations wallpaper. Boards are also suitable for facing of ceilings that allows you to create a unified system of waterproofing of walls and floors. Waterproofing panel can be used both in homes for the decoration of bathrooms, toilets, utility rooms, and so on industrial enterprises in the premises of the production, processing, bathing, where required daily sanitary processing of walls of premises, car washes, greenhouses, basins.


Waterproofing plates easy to cut to the desired size, and can be installed on a wooden or metal frame or attached to existing lined the walls.



Dimensions  8x2600x1200 mm                          
Weight 12 kg/m2
Density 1500 kg/m3
Category С
Bending strength, 14 days,
dry (with/across grain)
16 / 12 МН/m2
Bending strength, 14 days,
wet (with/across grain)
8 / 5 МН/m2                             
Strength class 3
Soak-dry cycles 25


On request it is also possible delivery of slabs, cut in accordance with a certain size.