Fireproof boards

Fireproof boards LTM Flamma

Fireproof panels LTM Flamma are suitable for internal furnish of premises, where necessary not only aesthetic beauty, but also a high fire safety. The panels can be made as shopping malls, offices and other places of a congestion of people, so and finish fireplaces, walls around furnaces in the saunas and the baths, boilers and other heaters




Fireproof panels Flamma are used for internal decoration of the premises, where it is important not only strength, but also fire-resistance of material. Fire-resistant panels Flamma are made of of cement in combination with special components, that provides a high class of fire safety. The panel does not contain various harmful substances, emitted during combustion, which can be dangerous for human.


Panels Flamma are suitable to ensure the necessary degree of fire resistance of structures, which are used in the buildings and constructions with high requirements of fire safety. The panels can be painted or be subject to other types of finishing. Boards respond well to treatment, do not decay, resistant to fungi.


The panel can be fastened both to the guide, so directly to the wall, if she prepared beforehand and leveled. The panel can be washed with water or soap solution.

Application of fireproof boards in saunas




Dimensions  9x3050x1200mm
Weight 9,9 kg/m2
13,2 kg/m2
Density 1100 kg/m3
Category С
Bending strength, 14 days,
dry (with/across grain)
10 / 8 МН/m2
Bending strength, 14 days,
wet (with/across grain)
5 / 4 МН/m2                             
Strength class 2
Soak-dry cycles 25

On request it is also possible delivery of slabs, cut in accordance with a certain size.