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Fibercement board СEMBOARD HD


СEMBOARD is a perfect plate for ventilated facades. High quality and uninflammable boards are applicable in agricultural construction sites, greenhouses, as well as the retained formwork of the foundations.

Chemboard HD



СEMBOARD is shock resistant, like a concrete slab; does not rot and is not exposed to UV-rays. It’s resistant to the impact of insects and fungi. The surface of the board is smooth (natural grey). Plates can be painted on site before or after mounting.

Storage and transportation

СEMBOARDs must be stored in dry conditions on a flat surface. The height of one stack should not exceed 1 meter. The boards must be protected from moisture and dirt by polyethylene film at the construction site . The boards should be rised by two workers (at both ends) and transported in a vertical position.


Installation should be free of tension and bending of boards. Internal voltage can cause the destruction of plates in the field of attachment to the supporting structure. The holes for the mounting board must be drilled diameter of at least 3 mm more than diameter of screws or rivets. Fasteners must be installed at a distance of not less than 30 mm from the edge of the plate.

Processing of the surfaces of boards


Plates СEMBOARD are natural-grey color, so they are not always homogeneous. Plates can be painted at the construction site, in accordance with the specific instructions in colour.




Dimensions  8x1195x3050 mm
10x1195x3050 mm
Material fibercement board
Weight 13,2 kg/m2
16,5 kg/m2
Apparent density 1,65 g/sm3
Bending strengths,
Dry with grain
Dry across grain
Wet with grain
Wet across grain
26 Mpa
17 Mpa
18 Mpa
12 Mpa
Bending modulus of elasticity 15 000 N/mm2
Interlaminar bond 50 N/mm2
Humidity content 4.0% mass. at 20% of relative humidity  and 10% mass. at 95% relative humidity
Humidity expansion 2,0 mm/m at 30—95% relative humidity
Coefficient of thermal expansion 0,01 mm/ moK
Heat conductivity 0,6 W/ moK
Vapour permeability 240 ng/m2 s Pa at 0—50% relative humidity
120 ng/m2 s Pa at 50—100% relative humidity
Frost resistance 100 cycles
Fire rating A1 in accordance with EN 13501
Temperature range  Max 120°С